Burial Service

If your loved one has just passed away and you would like to get the information for burial at ECIC Cemetery, please call, text, or email Abdul K Amer at 404-610-1431; aamer@areng.com or Altaf Jangda at 404-664-2347; altaf.jangda@gmail.com. You will be guided through the process of contacting the Funeral Home and arranging for ghusl and shrouding and then Janaza prayer before burial at ECIC Cemetery which is located at 2376 John Petree Road in Powder Springs (Cobb County), GA. Click here to download and complete the application for burial. May Allah have mercy on the departed soul and upon all of us.



  1. The ECIC Muslim Cemetery is the sole property of CCIC, Inc. dba East Cobb Islamic Center (ECIC). Following rules and regulations must be agreed upon and strictly observed at all times by all visitors.
  2. Only Muslims can be buried in this cemetery. No plots will be sold to anyone before or after burial. The entire cemetery property will continue to remain under the ownership of ECIC.
  3. Upon application on prescribed form and payment of dues, ECIC will allocate cemetery lot number and authorize the burial. ECIC reserves the right to deny authorization for burial to any individual without giving any reasons. Reservations for any specific location or for a group of lots for family members are not allowed.
  4. All burial shall take place under the supervision of an authorized ECIC representative. Washed and prepared body from the funeral home must be received at the cemetery at the designated time which will be no later than an hour before the sunset.
  5. Top of all graves shall initially be raised no more than 9” and will be finished with river gravel on top of filter fabric once the soil settles and the top becomes flat.
  6. Graves will be marked with a standard stone marker, flush with the ground, engraved with the name and date of birth and death of deceased. ECIC will provide and install this marker.
  7. Unauthorized markers, monuments, permanent decorations of any kind, flowers, plants, and shrubs are not permitted. Any violation will result in the removal of such construction, without exception or notice to the family.
  8. Pictures taking and/or videotaping of any kind during burial is strictly prohibited. ECIC reserves the right to refuse any ritual before, during, or after the burial if it has no grounds in Islamic Jurisprudence.
  9. Children under the age of 15 years must be accompanied by adults. No pets are allowed in the Cemetery. Parking is allowed only in designated areas.
  10. The cemetery will remain gated and locked except during published times when it will be open for family/visitors. Out of town visitors may contact ECIC for permission to visit at other times. Forced entry to the cemetery is prohibited.
  11. ECIC shall not be responsible for any damage or loss to property or person while on the Cemetery premises and reserves the right to refuse entry to any person.

About Us

East Cobb Islamic Center is a Muslim place of worship conforming to the ahl al-sunnah wa al-jamah. We do not subscribe to any one particular madhab, but defers to the Imam of the masjid in matters of worship. Here, you will find yourself welcomed regardless of your inclination. 

Location and Address

East Cobb Islamic Center
1111 Braswell Rd.
Marietta, GA 30062