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This month’s salah times are published here, which is updated every month.
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Prayer Timings - 16 Feb (22 Jumada II)

Fajr06:12 AM06:30 AM
Sunrise07:21 AM
Dhuhr12:52 PM02:00 PM
Asr04:44 PM05:00 PM
Maghrib06:23 PM
Isha07:32 PM08:00 PM

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DateDaySunriseFajr AdhaanFajr IqamahDhuhr AdhaanDhuhr IqamahAsr AdhaanAsr IqamahMaghrib AdhaanMaghrib IqamahIsha AdhaanIsha Iqamah
01 Feb 2020Saturday07:35 AM06:24 AM06:40 AM12:52 PM02:00 PM04:31 PM04:45 PM06:09 PM07:20 PM08:00 PM
02 Feb 2020Sunday07:34 AM06:24 AM06:40 AM12:52 PM02:00 PM04:32 PM04:45 PM06:10 PM07:21 PM08:00 PM
03 Feb 2020Monday07:33 AM06:23 AM06:40 AM12:52 PM02:00 PM04:32 PM04:45 PM06:11 PM07:21 PM08:00 PM
04 Feb 2020Tuesday07:32 AM06:22 AM06:40 AM12:52 PM02:00 PM04:33 PM04:45 PM06:11 PM07:22 PM08:00 PM
05 Feb 2020Wednesday07:32 AM06:22 AM06:40 AM12:52 PM02:00 PM04:34 PM04:45 PM06:12 PM07:23 PM08:00 PM
06 Feb 2020Thursday07:31 AM06:21 AM06:40 AM12:52 PM02:00 PM04:35 PM04:45 PM06:13 PM07:24 PM08:00 PM
07 Feb 2020Friday07:30 AM06:20 AM06:40 AM12:53 PM02:00 PM04:36 PM04:45 PM06:14 PM07:25 PM08:00 PM
08 Feb 2020Saturday07:29 AM06:19 AM06:30 AM12:53 PM02:00 PM04:37 PM04:45 PM06:15 PM07:26 PM08:00 PM
09 Feb 2020Sunday07:28 AM06:19 AM06:30 AM12:53 PM02:00 PM04:38 PM04:45 PM06:16 PM07:27 PM08:00 PM
10 Feb 2020Monday07:27 AM06:18 AM06:30 AM12:53 PM02:00 PM04:39 PM04:45 PM06:17 PM07:27 PM08:00 PM
11 Feb 2020Tuesday07:26 AM06:17 AM06:30 AM12:53 PM02:00 PM04:40 PM04:45 PM06:18 PM07:28 PM08:00 PM
12 Feb 2020Wednesday07:25 AM06:16 AM06:30 AM12:53 PM02:00 PM04:41 PM04:45 PM06:19 PM07:29 PM08:00 PM
13 Feb 2020Thursday07:25 AM06:15 AM06:30 AM12:53 PM02:00 PM04:42 PM04:45 PM06:20 PM07:30 PM08:00 PM
14 Feb 2020Friday07:24 AM06:14 AM06:30 AM12:53 PM02:00 PM04:42 PM04:45 PM06:21 PM07:30 PM08:00 PM
15 Feb 2020Saturday07:23 AM06:13 AM06:30 AM12:53 PM02:00 PM04:43 PM05:00 PM06:22 PM07:31 PM08:00 PM
16 Feb 2020Sunday07:21 AM06:12 AM06:30 AM12:52 PM02:00 PM04:44 PM05:00 PM06:23 PM07:32 PM08:00 PM
17 Feb 2020Monday07:20 AM06:11 AM06:30 AM12:52 PM02:00 PM04:44 PM05:00 PM06:24 PM07:33 PM08:00 PM
18 Feb 2020Tuesday07:19 AM06:10 AM06:30 AM12:52 PM02:00 PM04:46 PM05:00 PM06:25 PM07:33 PM08:00 PM
19 Feb 2020Wednesday07:18 AM06:09 AM06:30 AM12:52 PM02:00 PM04:47 PM05:00 PM06:26 PM07:34 PM08:00 PM
20 Feb 2020Thursday07:17 AM06:08 AM06:30 AM12:52 PM02:00 PM04:48 PM05:00 PM06:27 PM07:35 PM08:00 PM
21 Feb 2020Friday07:16 AM06:07 AM06:30 AM12:52 PM02:00 PM04:48 PM05:00 PM06:27 PM07:36 PM08:00 PM
22 Feb 2020Saturday07:15 AM06:06 AM06:30 AM12:52 PM02:00 PM04:49 PM05:00 PM06:28 PM07:37 PM08:00 PM
23 Feb 2020Sunday07:14 AM06:05 AM06:30 AM12:52 PM02:00 PM04:50 PM05:00 PM06:29 PM07:38 PM08:00 PM
24 Feb 2020Monday07:13 AM06:04 AM06:30 AM12:52 PM02:00 PM04:51 PM05:00 PM06:30 PM07:38 PM08:00 PM
25 Feb 2020Tuesday07:11 AM06:03 AM06:30 AM12:51 PM02:00 PM04:51 PM05:00 PM06:31 PM07:39 PM08:00 PM
26 Feb 2020Wednesday07:10 AM06:02 AM06:30 AM12:51 PM02:00 PM04:52 PM05:00 PM06:32 PM07:40 PM08:00 PM
27 Feb 2020Thursday07:09 AM06:01 AM06:30 AM12:51 PM02:00 PM04:53 PM05:00 PM06:33 PM07:41 PM08:00 PM
28 Feb 2020Friday07:08 AM05:59 AM06:30 AM12:51 PM02:00 PM04:54 PM05:00 PM06:34 PM07:42 PM08:00 PM
29 Feb 2020Saturday07:07 AM05:58 AM06:15 AM12:51 PM02:00 PM04:54 PM05:00 PM06:34 PM07:43 PM08:00 PM

About Us

East Cobb Islamic Center is a Muslim place of worship conforming to the ahl al-sunnah wa al-jamah. We do not subscribe to any one particular madhab, but defers to the Imam of the masjid in matters of worship. Here, you will find yourself welcomed regardless of your inclination. 

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