As-salaam alaikum! Greetings of Peace!

Whether you are a new Muslim or a person of another faith-tradition interested in visiting us/learning about us, we hope the following information will be of value to you. We also invite you to navigate to our menu section on ‘Islam’.
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The mosque or masjid (pleural= masajid), is a central location for ritual, religious and social activities of a Muslim community. Here, Muslims join one another in congregational prayers 5 times a day, and every Friday for the juma’a prayers. Occasionally, masajid also hold marriage ceremonies and the janaza prayer (prayer before the deceased are buried).

Dress etiquette
In the masjid men and women, both will dress modestly wearing loose fitting clothes to cover their torsos and limbs. Men will usually wear full pants and a shirt. Women will usually also cover their hair with a scarf. If you plan to visit and wish to cover your head, head-scarfs can be arranged upon request. Please note that to maintain the cleanliness of the worship space, we do not wear shoes in those areas.

Please feel free to let us know if there is anything we can do to make your trip an enjoyable experience.

Important notes:
Please note, that no alcohol or pork is allowed inside the masjid. And guns or other weapons may not be carried on masjid property.