Ramadan Mubarak!

Moon has been sighted locally as well as other places. Insha'Allah we will have Taraweeh tonight (5/5/19) and fasting starts tomorrow (5/6/19). Ramadan Mubarak to everyone. We pray that Allah accept our fasting, prayers, and all good deeds and allow us to bring closer to Him. Aameen. Hafez and Imam Sulemana, Hafez Waqas, Hafez Husni, and Hafez Arhum will Insha'Allah be leading Taraweeh prayers.

ECIC Expansion Update

We are grateful to Allah (SWT) that with His blessings and assistance we were able to obtain an approval for land disturbance permit from Cobb County today. This will allow us to start construction of the masjid expansion project including tying the masjid property to public sewer system. Insha’Allah we will start work this month […]

ECIC Membership

ECIC Memberships may be applied for (or renewed from previous years) using the form below. Effective 2018, once you membership is approved, no need to renew the membership for subsequent years. Click on “Read More” to download the form. Page 1 Page 2

Sunday School

Sunday School for Spring 2019 resumed on January 6th, 2019 Alhamdu Lillah. Please contact Sr. Farah Jabeen (farahjabeen1@gmail.com) for more information. Click “Read More” for Registration Form

Cemetery Information

For burial at ECIC Cemetery, please call, text, or email Altaf Jangda at 404-664-2347; altaf.jangda@gmail or Abdul K Amer at 404-610-1431; aamer@areng.com. Click here to download and complete the application for burial.   ECIC Janaza Committee

ECIC Free Clinic

The ECIC Clinic provides free health care to the underserved/uninsured members of the community at large. The clinic is open on Saturdays from 9 am to 11:45 am. Please click READ MORE below for further information about the clinic. Or go to this web site (https://www.ecicfreeclinic.org/)  


Please use this connection to donate using our secure MOHID portal. ECIC Fundraising 2016 from ECIC on Vimeo.


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