Grief & grieving

It is recommended that we console all relatives of the deceased. To console means to enjoin steadfastness and encourage it by mentioning the reward in the hereafter, to warn against overburdening oneself with grief, and to pray for forgiveness for the deceased and lightening of the burden of those bearing the misfortune when there has been a death in the family.

It is recommended to say:
To a Muslim who has lost a Muslim relative: “May Allah increase your reward, perfect your consolation, and forgive your deceased”
To a Muslim who has lost a non-Muslim relative: “May Allah increase your reward and perfect your consolation.”
To a non-Muslim who has lost a Muslim relative: “May Allah perfect your consolation and forgive your deceased.”

It is permissible to weep before someone dies, where the Prophet SAWS wept for his son Ibrahim before his death.
It is unlawful (haram) to eulogize the dead, to lament in a raised voice, slap one’s cheeks (display of grief), rend one’s garments, or dishevel one’s hair.
It is recommended for distant relatives and neighbors to prepare food for the deceased’s closed family relatives to suffice them for a day and night, and urge them to eat.